Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Backdoor To Seal Bay" - SOLD

For this painting I used last week's value sketch and the original photo as references. It is amazing how much less room there seems to be on a 6"X6" canvas panel with an oil brush in my hand and a 5"X5" piece of watercolor paper with gouache on the brush! Maybe I should check those brush sizes... But I finally got the drawing right. My goal was to get the values and then work on "color recession", meaning that the distant objects look that way because of their color. I think it worked!


  1. The colors here a fabulous Bobbi, I think you got the "color recession" too! Nice work.

  2. JanettMarie, that means a lot coming from a fellow color lover.

  3. I really love the spiky trees. This is one of my favorites

  4. Really lovely land and seascapes - love the foggy one underneath too. Amazed you think there's so much space on a 6"x6"

    I'll get there ...