Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Colin Page Class Day 1 - "Scissors"

10"x10" oil on canvas panel

This weekend I took a wonderful 2 day plein air class with Colin Page. Some of you will remember that I took it in May and also in August last year as well. There is still much to learn from Colin. In the first morning's exercise we were inside due to weather and did black and white still life studies. I chose a pair of scissors. In square 1, we started with a midtone made of wiped off black, and then added and subtracted with more paint, or wiping off with Gamsol. In square 2, the wipe off was replaced with white paint. The wiping off is my comfort zone, so we were getting into something I really need to learn. Square 3 was supposed to be thicker paint and lost and found edges. I'm felt like I didn't totally get there, so I tried that again for square 4. We had 30 minutes to do each square. I loved this exercise, and I'm going to frame my piece, I think it's cool. Click on the image to get a closer view. Which square do you like best?


  1. Hi Bobbi,
    I am in Idaho with my grandson Alex and we like your scissor paintings. Alex likes the one in the top right hand corner and I like the one in the bottom left hand corner. Maybe Alex and I can paint scissors today.
    Glad you are having fun,

  2. Hi Kitty and Alex, thanks for you comment and for telling me which scissors you each like best. I would love to see your scissors paintings when you are done. Perhaps they will go on your blog? I know you are having fun too! - Bobbi

  3. I like #4 the best Bobbi, very cool!