Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Garden Trees" - NFS - and more from CMBG

This painting started in the Botanical Gardens on Sunday, and got a rework this morning. Originally it contained one of the beautiful iron deer sculptures, but the composition was lacking, and it just didn't work. So now the trees in the center take the place of the sculpture. As my son said when looking at the first version, "either there needs to be a real deer or no deer". I like this one better. "Garden Trees" is a 6"X6" oil.

With this post I am adding the Google Follower element. When I first set up the blog I debated whether to include that element or the email subscription feature, thinking I only needed one or the other. Now that I understand the follower feature better, I see the value of both. It is great to get an email from the blogs I love when there is a new post, but all blogs don't offer the email subscription feature (and sometimes when a blog offers it, it simply doesn't work). If you follow more than a few blogs, the follower feature gives you a dashboard that shows them all, and lets you see at a glance if there is anything new. It works for any blog, not just those hosted by blogspot, which is convenient. This works for me, since I track maybe 10 art blogs at this point, and the number is steadily increasing. So if you want to give it a try, join my followers. I have added a list of the blogs that I follow as well, in case you are looking for some great reading and awesome paintings. Many thanks to JanettMarie for being my first follower. She has been following my blog since the beginning, though that was only visible to me.

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