Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Millpond Reflections in Process

Millpond Reflection Step 1

Millpond Reflection Step 2

I meant to post these last night along with the painting, but it was late... Step 1 is a quick drawing on the toned ground, and step 2 is at the completion of the first pass of color, before dealing with the sky and water. For me it's important to not do detail at this stage, but get the rest of the canvas covered. (When I run into trouble it is usually because I get sucked into the detail here.) The sky and water color has a lot of white, which I don't like to use until the other colors get a first pass. It's used to fix the final shapes of the greenery. Often the painting doesn't look too great at step 2, thenegative space sculpting of the sky/water makes a huge difference. After that I add some more detail to the greenery, and then, with luck, it's done!

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