Monday, June 22, 2009

"Abstract 1" - NFS

Now that the show is ready, it's time for some fun, time to stretch my mind and get a fresh perspective. My friend Kristin loves abstracts, and she's been searching for some large ones for the office. I have enjoyed looking over her shoulder at the work. I kept asking myself what was the artist thinking about while they painted this? So I did some reading online about painting abstracts. Check out advice from Martha Marshall and Marten Jansen. Here's my first attempt, small of course, since it is a daily painting. I will let you know tomorrow if Kristin likes "Abstract 1" (gouache 5"x5").


  1. Oh, my! Do more of these! Your question about what abstract artists are thinking sent me to the web, too. I liked this website because it displays a thumbnail painting for dozens of artists, along with the national flag of each, and they're wonderfully varied.

  2. I LOVE the abstract. I want one! Keep it up. The colors are great (a bit Maine cottage-y?) as well as the composition.