Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Winter Shadows" - SOLD

"Winter Shadows"
6"X6" oil on canvas panel

I'm into winter scenes now, and looking forward to painting one outside. This one was done in the studio, inspired by a photo. The nice burnt sienna underpainting came from a wiping off previous versions of the drawing. I had some fun getting a composition that was just right, and the rest always goes more easily when that happens.

One more reminder of the Blogging and Daily Painting workshop I am teaching at River Arts in Damariscotta, ME, January 23 and 30th. In this two day workshop we will go over questions such as: how can I tell if people are reading my blog, and how they found it, how can I encourage comments? See the River Arts workshop list for details.


  1. You definitely are in your element painting outdoor scenes, no matter the season. Great use of blue for the shadows (I may steal that idea from you!). It picks up the color of the sky, making the whole scene very cohesive. Very nice!

  2. Looks like snowman snow to me. I bet there wouldn't even be a bunch of pine needles sticking out! I enjoy your paintings so much Bobbi. Thanks for sharing...

  3. Love, love the way you let the shapes and colors tell the story and let the rest go...great work! Good luck with the workshop. Wish I could be there......

  4. Lovely painting. I would think you would want this one on your own wall.

  5. Lovely, Bobbi! Composition, colors... really nice.

  6. Simple and crisp! Great color shifts, too!