Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Borestone Lodge" and the Maine Audubon Art Exhibit

Next Wednesday evening is the opening of the Borestone Art Show at the Maine Audubon Gilsland Farm property in Falmouth. This will be a wonderful event, with paintings by all of last year's Borestone artists, of which I am one. Visiting the Borestone Mountain property with a wonderful group of artists and actually staying together in the lodge has been one of the most memorable of my painting experiences. A longer post will be needed to do it justice. I am honored to have been included and hope that my painting makes real money for Maine Audubon. This is my contribution, "Borestone Lodge" 12"X12" in oil, framed in a black/gold floater frame. I hope to see you all at the opening.


  1. Wow Bobbi, this is beautiful. The color.... the depth..the composition all wonderful.
    This one will sell for sure!

  2. Okay, this explains why I haven't seen you all winter. These are all fabulous.

  3. how I LOVE the red background.
    What a wonderful experience!