Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Puppies Drawings

"Cold Noses"
3"x3" ink on paper

"Nap Time"
3"x3" ink on paper

"All Tired Out"
3"x3" ink on paper

My friends Martha and Marne just got new Jack Russell Terrier puppies, Livy and Lulu. I visited Sunday morning to try and capture them in pen and ink. These are the best three out of seven attempts. They weren't as asleep as they look here, and squirmed, wiggled, and generally were cute as anything. I can't wait to go back for more.

Some notes about this kind of sketch: go fast, do another rather than overwork; less is more, just a few lines do the job; leave out the spots. The versions I'm not showing you are the ones where I didn't follow this advice!


  1. Bobbi,

    I love the sketches of Olivia and LuLu! Look forward to seeing you here in Maine.

    Craig Burkert

  2. Your ink drawings of the puppies are wonderful!!! I was looking for images of Jack Russel Terriers and came across your blog.