Sunday, October 24, 2010

"On The Mooring"

"On the Mooring"
5"x7" oil on Gessobord

I love Peggi Kroll-Roberts' work, and ordered her 6 lesson CD set last week. I've watched them all, and they're wonderful, as are the images of her work in the included slide show on each disc. I couldn't resist just ripping through them, though I know it will be best to work through the lessons one by one. This painting is my first under the influence, simple chunky composition, minimal number of values and colors. I hope to get to the thick paint shortly...

I'd love to get some feedback from you all on my blog content. Would you prefer to see sketches in a separate blog, and only paintings here? Responses via email or blog comments would be much appreciated.


  1. Personally.....I like a mixture of sketches and paintings. I get a feeling of where you are going and what interests you.

  2. I love seeing everything that each artist wants to share on their blogs. I think by seeing sketches and unfinished paintings, you can better understand what the artist is thinking when creating a painting. Or sketch. I checked out Peggi Kroll-Robert's website and realized I already follow her blog. I love the simplicity. You captured that in this painting.

  3. I like Peggy Kroll also, would love to paint a little more like that. I don't know about two different sites. I had my oils and pastels separated, and people seemed to only go to one and not the other. So my suggestion is to just keep one, and don't worry about mixing it up a little. Web sites seem like the place to have separate categories.