Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Island Down East"

"Island Down East"
6"x6" oil on canvas panel

Initial painting layout


Island photo

Cloud photo

Heading onwards on an abstract path, I remembered the islands of Merchant's Row near Stonington Maine and wanted to put together something along the lines of an earlier painting, French Farm. I thought I would start with a 6"x6" oil sketch, and then go on to a bigger painting if it worked out. The two photos above show the way I remember the islands and the cloud formations. A sketch on paper helped me combine the ideas from the two photos and add the lines to create the abstract shapes. Then on to the painting. What did I learn? I like the way the lines and shapes are disjoint at the horizon in the paper sketch. I like the colors and clouds in the painting, but the tops of the trees need to go. All great information for a larger painting.


  1. Oh Bobbi, I like this! It's like a Captain or Sailer navigating their way to the island. What a great quality!
    Nice Bobbi Mondrian!

  2. Bobbi, this is really cool! I can tell you are really enjoying these abstract paintings!

    Bobbi, thanks for coming by so that I remember to come by!!