Thursday, July 5, 2012

Douarnenez Mist - Sold

Douarnenez Mist

I've returned from France, but have more paintings to post from the trip. This one was done on our first morning in Douarnenez, and it was misting, a common occurrence on the trip (when it wasn't actually raining!). Here's a link to a post by Haidee-Jo Summers, who was painting a few yards to the right of me that morning. Note that Haidee has included the Ile Tristan, which I left to the mist. Do take a look at Haidee's other posts, her paintings are wonderful, and she did a really good job of keeping up with them on her blog.


  1. I have enjoyed tagging along while you have been painting in France. Thanks, too, for introducing me to the work of Haidee-Jo Summers!

  2. What a lovely painting.
    I could not get the link to open to Haidee's site but am very familiar with her wonderful work.

  3. Thanks Julie and Chris. I've fixed the link to Haidee's blog, I got flumoxed by the new blogger interface, which I now see works much better than before. And check out my subsequent post for more links to Haidee's work.