Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mill Pond

Mill Pond (#4)
16"x16" oil on canvas


# 2
(for # 1 go here)

I've finished "Mill Pond", a studio painting based on an earlier 6"x6" plein air study. I worked on the painting for an hour or two in each of 4 sessions of my class with Marais Platais, the first was described in an earlier post. Hopefully you can see how things went with the process photos above. A couple of things I learned:
- When I got into a mess between #2 and #3 in the trees on the right, scraping it off and re-drawing with the brush was the answer.
- I was concerned about the bright yellows on the right edge in #3, and asked Marais whether I should darken them. He gave me another alternative, to bring some of the bright yellow over to the left. What a great idea!

I'm pretty happy with this new version of the Mill Pond and with what I learned about going from a plein air study to a studio painting (thank you, Marais!). And I'm not yet tired of the pond. If we get some more snow, maybe I'll be able to do a winter version.

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