Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Broad Cove Morning"

"Broad Cove Morning"

Tim's view

A few PAPME members brave the fog

Last Sunday morning I painted from my friend Tim's yard in Yarmouth. The view is Broad Cove, a mile wide shallow cove on the edge of Casco Bay. Our family cottage is on the left bank near the bay end and the kids love to swim there because the water is warmed by the mud flats which get sun at low tide.

I was out painting several times last week, but mostly wiped off the results. It was fun to join the Plein Air Painters of Maine on Wednesday in East Boothbay (I love that place!), but the weather wasn't cooperating, see the painters in the fog? It's what we call "Maine in the summer". Better weather arrived on Friday.


  1. Great painting Bobbi. What a beautiful place.

  2. Hi Bobbi,
    Broad Cove Morning is beautiful. Love all your recent work. I will be in Maine in August taking a workshop with Michael Chesley Johnson,( Paint Campobello) hoping for good weather.

  3. Beyond Hyperrealism

    Your painterly view
    interprets the scene
    at Broad Cove leaving
    us wishing we were
    there, and so we are.