Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Website I - Comparison of Artspan and FASO

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A couple of weeks ago I spent some time building a new website for my art business. I haven't been satisfied with my current website for a while, with the vertical menu wasting image space, five page limit, and having to manually re-arrange the artwork images on the page when I wanted to add new work. I'd heard about both Artspan and FASO (Fine Art Studio Online) and wanted to build my new site on both for a bake-off. I tried to make them as much the same as possible to do a fair visual comparison. Both have all the features that are most important to me:
- A platform purpose built for displaying and selling artwork
- A large version of each artwork image, as well as thumbnails
- A built-in newsletter signup and sending platform, with images in the emailed newsletter that include links back to the website
- All of the tabs I could possibly need
- Ease of set up - with the content in hand, it was straightforward to build a draft for either in a couple of hours
- Ease of adding new artwork - YES!
- A free trial period

I think you'll agree that both are a big improvement over my current site.

Above is the result for Artspan, I'll show FASO in my next post.

I like these things about my Artspan site:
- The simple clean look
- Fabulous tutorials and online documentation
- The choice on the Email Newsletter page of signing up for the newsletter, notification of new artwork, or both
- Ability to use my own favicon (I haven't done that yet though)

Do take a look at the real site, where you can see all of each page and poke around. And here's Artspan's pricing page, so you can see what their various plans cost.

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