Friday, August 22, 2014

"Penobscot Bay"

"Penobscot Bay"
8"x10" oil on linen panel

Minivan packed for Castine; 2 boxes of frames, paint box, tripod, backpack, panels, plastic box for racking wet paintings

 Rails with paintings

Rails without paintings

"Penobscot Bay" was painted during the Castine Plein Air Festival last month. As I was packing it up for a show, I realized that I hadn't posted it, so here you go. And along with it are a few photos of gear. The back of the minivan turned out to be very useful. Not only did everything fit easily (and there are two tripods and paintboxes in there, I like to have a backup), but when it rained the first morning, I set up the easel inside the back, and stood underneath the open lid. The painting and I were both dry. Another useful thing are these little rails from Artwork Essentials, who make the EasyL box that I used at the festival. For this trip I took a large plastic box to set the rails inside of. On trips by plane, I pick up a cardboard box at the grocery store after I get there. Using these, the paintings are safe and get a chance to dry.

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