Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Red House Monhegan"

"Red House Monhegan"
8"x10" oil on linen panel

Red House Value underpainting

Red House photo in ValueViewer

Red Houses

Today, our last day on Monhegan, I tackled the famous Red House. I used ValueViewer on the levels setting to show me the scene in 3 values with a 4x4 grid. I don't measure the grid on the panel, but just estimate it by dividing each side of the panel in two, and then in two again. I used the grid to place the most important corners, then estimated the rest of the drawing from that. The value block in came next, and then the color on top of that. I can see posting this that I was chasing the light at the end. I might use the photo of the value painting and the Value View to fix things a bit, but I was happy with what I did. Especially after yesterday afternoon, when I had trouble on Fish Beach. But not as much trouble as the lobsterman who had beached his boat and was then worried about it tipping over as the tide came back in. You can learn a lot plein air painting!

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