Friday, September 11, 2015

Glazing Clouds

 After glazing the sky with yellow (middle) and blue (top), and the clouds with yellow and pink

 After further scumbling over the pink with yellow and white

Initial lay in with opaque paint

This series shows my attempt to use glazing to get the "glow" of a cumulus cloud. The bottom image shows an initial painting with opaque paint. My first attempt at the glow (not shown) wasn't successful, because the cumulus part of the cloud wasn't light enough. I went over that with white paint, let it dry and tried again. The result was the top photo. I liked it, but the pink at the bottom of the cumulus cloud seemed a bit much, so I scumbled over that with yellow and white. Glazing was done with pure color and medium, brushed on, then rubbed with a lint free cloth. For scumbling, a little white was added to the process.

Yellow = indian yellow
Pink = quinacridone red
blue = combination of untramarine and pthalo blue with white