Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Decorative Lobster Buoy

Usually I paint paintings, not decorative objects. But I like to contribute to projects near to my heart, and the Maine fisheries is one of those. So I was happy to paint a lobster buoy for the East Penobscot Resource Center in Stonington for their upcoming benefit. The last time I painted a lobster buoy, it was one I found on the beach, and I painted it Christmas green and red, and added it to a wreath which I hung on our shed. A week later a local lobsterman told me he nearly drove off the road laughing when he saw it hanging there. I hope this one does a better job!

Here are a few photos of the process I used on the wooden buoy supplied by East Penobscot Resource Center. 

Buoy after filling cracks (thanks, Mike!), gessoing, and drawing the lobster based on a previous painting. Note there are two lobsters, one on each side.

Close-up of the drawing on the buoy.

Buoy after the lobster was painted in oils.

Buoy with background.

The final step was to gesso and then paint the stick with acrylic paint. Thanks to Carol L. Douglas for the midnight pick-up and for delivering the buoy for me. The lobster buoy event is on August 1 in Stonington, Maine.

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