Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Color Studies #1 and #2

My friend Michael liked the four pine value studies in gouache so much that he suggested a follow-on exercise: do them again in gouache, replacing the values with a set of appropriate colors. So I decided to give that a go, but to choose a color scheme for each one and just see where it took me. Well, guys, I can highly recommend this exercise, because it is REALLY HARD, and so I learned a lot. The seond version (bottom one) has at least three layers of paint everywhere, because I really struggled to use the color scheme I had in mind, and retain the values in the previous study. (The top example here goes with the top left in the b&w version, the bottom example here goes with the top right in the b&w version.) I'm calling the bottom one "Pine at Night". Anyone got a name for the top version?

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