Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Many thanks to Faye Christian Phillips who tagged me today for a Kreative Blogger Award. I am honored to be chosen by Faye, whose blog contains her beautiful paintings, set off with great quotations. And check out the others chosen by Faye, how wonderful to be a part of this group!

To comply with the award I am asked to reveal seven things about myself, nominate seven others, and let them know. So here goes with seven things about me:
1) My real name is Barbara.
2) I have skied Pikes Peak the day the road opens in Spring (a long time ago...).
3) I have been a (not very good) rock climber.
4) The biggest painting I ever did is 4'X6' (and it was a blast!).
5) I'm scared of snakes but not of spiders.
6) I have painted from a canoe (well, you knew that) and a sailboat (it was moored at the time).
7) I have eaten Fugu (Japanese pufferfish that is poisonous if not prepared correctly). My hosts didn't tell me what it was until after I tasted it - oh, and it is really good.

And now to tag seven others for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I hope some of these artists will be new to you:
Dan Coker
Dan Corey
Janett Marie
Julian Merrow-Smith
Leslie Saeta
Mary Shehann Winn
Stephen Magsig

Thanks again, Faye!


  1. Congrats on being tagged for this award and thank you for tagging me! Hopefully it will be the tag of good luck! Love your work!

  2. Bobbi,
    Thanks for sharing. I am impressed that you paint in the canoe and sailboat (love the photo).
    I look forward to checking out your nominees.
    happy painting,

  3. Thanks again Faye. And Don, I look forward to more posts on your blog.