Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Keys to Drawing - Bert Dodson

I really enjoy drawing. Those that I have posted have all been references for paintings, or compositional exercises for paintings. While in California, I got interested in different drawing techniques and went off in search of a book. I found just what I was looking for, in Bert Dodson's "Keys to Drawing". I started off with the first exercise tonight, to draw my feet. The top drawing is the result after several practices with different shoes (who knew?). The idea was to, in sections, "draw blind" - look at the feet, not at the paper, while drawing; and to "restate" - don't erase, but redraw. Well, restating is no problem, I like the look, but drawing blind is tough! It can be really gorgeous if you do a complicated drawing that way, but I think it takes lots of practice. In the bottom drawing, being tired of feet, I drew what was in front of me, my dog asleep on his cushion, with his fish along side. Not bad, maybe I did learn something from all those feet!


  1. Thanks Bobbi!
    Nice drawings, really like the feet/shoes drawing. Great book, I checked it out, thanks for the reference!

  2. Nice drawings Bobbi. That is a good book too. Once in a while I pull it out and do some of the exercises. You really captured the dog in a nice neat contour.

  3. Both are great. The dog is simple and elegant.
    Love his fish ;)