Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Max with Blue Ball" and October Painting Giveaway Winner

This is the finished painting of my sister Susie's dog Max. I struggled with this guy a bit, see my previous post with the drawing. I found the lighter colored fur harder to paint than that of my own dog, which is an airedale. Max was a real fun loving guy, and liked nothing better than to play with (or munch on) a ball. Happy Birthday, sister Sue, I hope this reminds you of Max!

And many thanks to my friend Elizabeth Fraser, the master of pet portraits, who not only inspired me, but whose portraits of labs were fabulous references.

And guess who won the October Painting Giveaway? My other sister, Kay. No kidding, that's how the random number generator called it. I gave Kay a couple of choices and she has decided on "Gilsland Spring". Keep those comments coming in, they give you more chances to win. (Note - only comments made on the blog count in the drawing, not replies to the emails sent by the blog, though I love getting those as well.)


  1. You are the sweetest ... thanks for your kind words! Your doggy portrait is really fun ... I want to play with Max! :-) WOOF! HAPPY painting--I love checking in with you! :-) E

  2. I knew him! What a whimsical look this has. Makes me miss all you guys even more. I love some of the studio ones too Bobbi. You are so talented! Wouldn't your mom be proud!