Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Beefsteak" - NFS - January 2010 Painting Giveaway

6"X6" oil on canvas panel

Today was a busy day, with the opening at the Yarmouth Frameshop and Gallery, plus visits with friends in town for the weekend. I was looking for something relatively simple to paint, and this gorgeous beefsteak tomato fit the bill. As someone said to me at the opening, if you think about a tomato, it doesn't feel the same way as an apple despite the similarity in color. To me a tomato has heft, it feels like you can pick it up and throw it (not that I don't love to eat them!), while an apple is about crispness, and picking it up and taking a bite. Can you feel the weight of this tomato?


  1. Yes! I can, and personally, I can taste it on a good Texas cheeseburger!

  2. Mmm, a Texas cheeseburger... uh sorry, I got distracted. I love this piece, Bobbi!

  3. Thanks, cuz. Let's get one of those cheeseburgers next time we are together.

    Hi Don, it's easy to get distracted by a cheeseburger. Maybe we should paint one? It would be cool with your recent abstract approach.

    Mary, you are inspiring me to put the tomotoes in a box (take a look at Mary's blog - listed to the right - to see why).