Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Pears in Blue" - SOLD and November Painting Giveaway Winner

"Pears in Blue"
6"X6" oil on canvas panel

Pears in Blue Value Sketch

The pears return to do their part in this exercise I am considering for the upcoming daily painting and blogging workshop January 23rd and 30th in Damariscotta, ME at River Arts. The pears were blocked in as a value study, left to dry and then overpainted with color using a limited palette. See previous post, where tomatoes had their turn.

These pears were really fabulous, and lasted a couple of weeks. I did another painting of them, "Pears on a Plate", almost two weeks ago. By the time the study above was complete, they had been under the lights for hours, but we ate them anyway, and they were delicious. Which painting do you prefer: "Pears in Blue" or "Pears on a Plate"?

And finally, I want to congratulate Sally Dean, who is the winner of my November Painting Giveaway. Sally will receive "Porter's Pine". Do visit Sally's blog at Sally Dean 365 Flowers.


  1. I checked it out...and "Pears on a Plate" wins for me. I have tried to figure out why. I think I like the definition in the first better. I feel as though I could pick the pears up and take a nice crunchy bite, but then I realize the second painting the pears of softer. Did you catch that texture difference on the canvas? Wow, you are one talented lady! I love the colors in "Pears on a Plate" as well, especially the white place with the simple rings. The shadows fascinate me as well.

  2. I can't decide which I like best! The "Pears on a Plate" are great but I am a little more partial to the composition and the color combination of "Pears in Blue". I particulaly like the shadow treatment and the loose blue strokes in the background. It makes the painting interesting and the pears really stand out. You just want to grab them! Great work...

  3. Hi Bobby, this is really interesting. I occasionally try a warm underpainting but never such cool tones!...this works really well as a complemtary to the pears.....great work!

  4. Ann, you are really getting into this! The pears were definitely more crunchy in the first painting and softer in the second. Good observation.

    Joelle, I have been reading an abstract painting book, which I will do a post on at some point. I think thinking about the pears in a more abstract way gave me the looseness you mention. And I like it too!

    Ed, You should have been with a few of us painters on Sunday morning when I pulled out the magenta underpainting to get started on the final painting. There was not general agreement that the proper color had been chosen to compliment the pears. I was quite relieved when it came out well! I'm glad you like it.