Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Two Crows" - SOLD

"Two Crows"
6"x6" oil on canvas panel

This gorgeous classic lobster boat is from Vinal Haven, where I saw her in Carver's Harbor one afternoon. It's fun to go there on the ferry from Rockland, with lots to see within walking distance from the ferry landing.

I did do a sketch of this one first, but mucked it up with too much dark marker. I'll do another one and post it later.


  1. Oh Bobbi, I love the light in this one. My favorite time of day has always been dusk and the minute I saw this...I felt that dusky feel. I must admit in my old age I am liking morning more. Think it has something to do with tired bones! Thanks for this. I love the colors.

  2. This has a totally different mood from the Lucky Lady. You really captured the time of day. Do I see a pink underpainting? I think it has become your trademark.

  3. Bobbi, Now I'm searching for cousinly discounts! Beefsteak came today and 'Oh my goodness!" I thought it was intriguing but now that I have the original in my hand, I am compelled to own more paintings!! Now, all my favs need to find a home in Texas. I'm just kidding about the discount but not about how thrilled I am with the painting. I hope the day will come when more can make it to my happy happy home! Thank you and LOVE YOU! Andy Pandy

  4. I enjoy your work and process- very dedicated!
    I gave you the SUNSHINE AWARD!

  5. love how you abstracted this background.
    Your boat paintings are wonderful.