Thursday, February 11, 2010

Water Taxi Sketch and Winner of the January Painting Giveaway

Here's another boat I really like, perhaps because the hull is bright yellow. Looks great against the blue water. I'll be giving this one a try as a painting soon. Painting summer is one way of being there.

I want to announce my January Painting Giveaway Winner, which is my dear cousin, Ann McClain, who has made so many wonderful comments. I always have to smile when I read them. Ann has won "Beefsteak".


  1. Hello! I love your description of "Painting From the Inside Out". It's very visual... and "Beefsteak" is an excellent example of that.
    The boat sketches are a great reminder of the ebb and flow of our summers. Great value studies...

  2. I like this schetch even better than the previous one. The splash of the waves is wonderful and the boat is barely slanted to the right to give a sense of speed. Only a few months before we can enjoy the boats in the water!