Monday, April 5, 2010

More Beach Girls Sketches

Beach Girls

Look at the Wave

Girls Looking Out to Sea

I've been going back through my photos of Isabella and Juliana from Sanibel last month, deciding which to paint. I keep coming back to these, with the light on their backs, and the story out in front of them. The top two are new drawings, the bottom is from a previous post. I think I'll give these three a try.


  1. these are great sketches.
    I especially love the bottom one!

  2. These drawings are delightful! I am particularly interested in the way you will be handling the effect of the wind in the 1st and second sketches. Can't wait for you to get started and see the results!

  3. Bobbi,

    These little sketches are fabulous - so lively!! I can't wait to see where you go with them!


  4. These sketches of Isabella and Julianna are lovely especially because they must be my granddaughters who were on Sanibel then. I can't wait to see the paintings. Marian