Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Trees in the Park, Billerica"

"Trees in the Park, Billerica"
6"x6" oil on gessobord

This is plein air study I started last week and finished this morning. I painted at the site in three short sessions (lesson #1 - give yourself enough time to do it all at once!). It was an experience. I had scoped it out in the early morning, and thought that these trees would make nice subject later, when the sun would be shining on them. Little did I know what would be going on where I planned to put my easel. In my first afternoon session there were a few guys flying radio controlled airplanes, but for the second session, they were everywhere and so were their cars - and they wanted to talk. I was on their spot, after all. In my final session another artist spotted me from the road and stopped by to discuss equipment. Lesson #2 - scope out your spot at the same time of day you want to paint, there could be a lot going on.

For those who are receiving this in email, I did another post earlier today, which won't trigger an email. To check that out, go here.

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