Sunday, June 20, 2010

Colin gives me a Big Brush

Boats (painted clockwise from top left)
10"x10" oil on canvas

One final post on the Colon Page class: the second day we painted boats at Round Pond. This was the focus of the class for me, the reason I signed up for a third time. Colin is just superb at painting boats, even on a murky day like the one we had. Once again we divided our canvas in four and set off. I found using a divided canvas really fee-ing, no chance of a keeper in the sense of a finished painting, so it is easier to let go. After some corrections on boat shape in my first one, Colin looked at my brushes and handed me a much bigger one, basically the width of the transom, and said "use this". And so for the last three I used the big one. It really did help to just put in the basic shapes, and the texture of the single larger brush stroke is more interesting. I feel like I learned a lot. Previous boat paintings I have shown here were carefully drawn on a gridded canvas from a photo. I think now I can do a reasonable job on site, free-hand, and loosing the detailed drawing is probably a good idea. I'll show my first try solo, which I did yesterday, in a later post.

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