Sunday, August 1, 2010

"With Pie" - Lobster Series #3

"With Pie"
8"x8" oil on canvas panel

This is the third lobster painting I've done this summer and I think I'll make it a series. These guys are so much fun, and people are giving me great ideas as to what to put on the plate with them. This one will be available framed from the Yarmouth Frameshop and Gallery in September for $275. Please contact them if you are interested in purchasing it.

I want to thank Liz Wiltzen for her mention of my plein air painting on her blog, where she is finishing up a 100 plein air paintings in 100 days extravaganza. Really beautiful work, and Liz is a great writer as well. I'm sure you will enjoy her insights if you stop by her blog.

Since mid-April I've only been painting outside, even the lobster paintings were done in the backyard, with the lobster and fixins on a table. While I had done some plein air paintings over the last two summers, I was still mostly painting from photos or setting up a still life. This year, as soon as it got warm, I was outside and started painting early on weekday mornings, at wonderful places I found that are "sort of" on my way to work. These sessions have become my favorite painting time. I am going to so miss them when it gets dark and cold this winter.

Here's a link to the lobster series paintings.

And here's one to the 10 Plein Air Paintings of Great Brook Farm series.


  1. What a great series! Perfect subject for a Maine summer! Each new lobster looks better than the next. I love the last one though I wonder what blueberry pie tastes like with lobster....

  2. Looks yum and I don't even like blueberry pie!

  3. I love how the blue berries came out, the "sparkle" you added really makes them look so bright!
    I really love the yellow detailing on the lobster shell as well, I'm just jealous I don't have that plate to eat! Yum!

  4. Thanks for the mention back Bobbi! These lobster ones really are captivating, you're on to something here....