Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Carol Marine Class Day 2 Exercise 2

10 minute pears #1-#4

10 minute pears #5-#8
6"x6" oil on canvas panel

In this exercise we had 10 minutes to paint an object, and time to do about 8 of them. The idea was to get the basic information, not detail, to use brush strokes that go outside the lines of the drawing, and finally to use the background to reshape the object. The first few are really about just getting it done in 10 minutes, identifying the values and colors, and a reasonable shape. The later efforts have more subtle differences, trying to make it all work together. Though tedious, I really like these exercises, it is so gratifying to see the improvement in the course of an afternoon.


  1. Bobbi, I can totally see the improvement in all areas of these exercises. I SO wish I were able to take the Jacksonville Advanced workshop but can't do it this time :(
    Carol is coming here in two weeks for a workshop at Kelley's studio. I will be there ;)

  2. I can see why Carol's workshops are so popular! Thanks for sharing your studies.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these Bobbi. You really did a great job!