Sunday, September 5, 2010

15 Days in Provence #1

#1 - "La Mairie"

We have arrived. After the flight from Boston to Paris to Marseille, we made our way to Tourtour yesterday and did some exploring. Today was our first day of painting and I was nervous. We have looked forward to this trip for so long and the scenery is so beautiful, what if I can't paint? All I wanted was to show a sense of place, no worries about doing a great painting. And we each did three! We are on our way.

I'm going to post them in order, one each day. La Mairie is the town hall, and a wonderful building, with round turrets at each corner. Everything in this midieval village was built to defend, and la Mairie is no different. Add in the spiky cypress trees and who could resist?


  1. I am going to love seeing your paintings from Provence! Any lavender left?

  2. Beautiful. Bon arrivee,and I look forward to paintings and stories of paintings.