Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shipping Paintings

Card and Painting (in clipped ziplock bag)

Packing Materials

Post Office slips

Ready to close the box

The first few times I sold a painting online, I think it took me longer to pack up the painting than it did to paint it! I tried the prepaid boxes at the post office, but they cost more to mail in the end. So after a few times, and some good advice from the postmistress, I came up with this system. The box comes in a four pack from Staples, the air bags are from orders I've gotten in the mail (mostly from amazon.com). I've started adding a card showing the painting that I'm shipping, with a note about the location of the painting, and my thanks for the order. The black and white slip is an Insured Mail Receipt (required by zatista.com, my online venue in addition to my blog), and the green and white slip is for tracking (Delivery Confirmation Receipt).

For even more efficiency, take look at Carol Marine's approach. And for something fancy, check out what Leslie Saeta does. If anyone has ideas to contribute, please share in a comment.

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