Friday, August 23, 2013

Cozy Harbor

Cozy Harbor Boats
8"x10" oil on Raymar panel

Yesterday I went back to Cozy Harbor and finished the lobster boat painting. I can see a few things I might fix before putting it into a frame, but I've got the feeling that I was looking for. 

I'm off on Sunday to Colorado for a workshop with Marc Hanson. I'm looking forward to that!

1 comment:

  1. Optical Illusion Fascination
    You've painted a lobster boat optical illusion
    with the lobster boat in the foreground.
    Seen one way, the boat is angled away
    from the viewer, the side windows of the cabin
    seen the stern saying I'm going away, but
    cover the stern, and view the boat as
    angled towards you, the side of the cabin
    open, like many lobster boats, and the front
    windows of the cabin angled toward you.
    It popped, the contrast in the boat
    drawing my eye to it first and I had to
    play with my mind to turn the boat around
    and make sense of the stern.