Friday, August 16, 2013

Painting at Cozy Harbor

I found a wonderful harbor for those of you who like to paint boats. Susan Henry recommended it to me and it's just beautiful, a Maine classic. Called Cosy Harbor, it's on Southport Island just outside of Boothbay Harbor. There is a new large pier, shared by the town, the yacht club, and Oliver's restaurant, where I enjoyed my lunch. It's busy there once Oliver's opens at 11:30, but earlier it's quiet, and there are some lovely lobster and pleasure boats. I've got more work to do (or should I say undo?) on this painting. The picture was taken fairly early in today's session.

Thanks to Haidee-Jo Summers for telling me how to post this via email!

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  1. This looks great so far-hope you'll post it again when you finish.