Friday, September 6, 2013

Marc Hanson Workshop Day 5

The Barn - the second time

The Barn - the first time

On the last workshop morning, we gathered at the Agricultural Heritage Center in Longmont for a very interesting exercise. The first painting is shown on the bottom, above: we had four 15 minute periods, each divided into 5 minutes to view our scene, and 10 minutes to paint the scene without looking at it. I was kind of freaked out, worried about getting the most out of the viewing time; and trying to remember what I had seen during the painting time. But I learned from some of my mistakes for the second painting (above top), where we had an hour to paint while viewing the scene, and was pretty comfortable painting it. Marc told us that often people find their first painting more appealing because they have not been able to get too detailed. Which one of mine do you like best?


  1. The Art of Pounding Nails
    At the first barn
    the nails were loose,
    not pounded in
    but then at the
    second barn, WHACK,
    and you nailed it.