Saturday, September 28, 2013

Monhegan Black Head Plein Air

Monhegan Black Head - Plein Air Study
8"x6" oil on Raymar Panel
$100 - email me for a PayPal invoice if you are interested

Here I am enjoying the plein air experience, and who wouldn't in this gorgeous spot!

The finished painting, with the cliff behind, and a birder enjoying the season.

I've had a wonderful week of painting, and no time to post! On Tuesday, I painted with Mary Byrom at Hamilton House in South Berwick, ME. What a totally gorgeous spot. Unfortunately, my painting wasn't gorgeous, and is no more. But things got MUCH better later in the week, and Mary and I had a great time talking art. On Wednesday, the Plein Air Painters of Maine went to Fisherman's Island, off Boothbay Harbor, as guests of the owners. I'll save the two paintings I did there for another post.

On Thursday and Friday, I was on Monhegan Island, and what a treat it was. Above is my second painting from Thursday. I'm posting it first, because I painted it in response to last week's challenge on the site, from my friend Bruce McMillan. Take a look here to see all the paintings done from Bruce's photograph. I was fortunate to be able to paint looking at the real thing. And while doing so, a Minke whale serenaded me, birders came by and I heard them name the birds as the flew by, it was a dream come true. The sun came out just often enough for me to be able to paint a sunny view, but not enough to get a good photo with it shining.


  1. What a wonderful painting. Brings me back to Monhegan!

  2. You've really conquered the light issue on Monhegan.
    It's so often cloudy/rainy/overcast.
    Glad you had a great time.