Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Poinsettia I"

"Poinsettia I"
6"x8" oil on Raymar panel

Poinsettia I Draft
Before I made the final edits

Poinsettia Drawing

I couldn't let my effort on the Many Minute Poinsettias go to waste, so I got to work on a larger version, with no time limit, at a suitable aspect ratio for a future Holiday card. I'm surprised how hard these are to paint. I don't think it's the red, because I don't have any trouble with the multiple reds in apples. And I thought because of all the pointy leaves, it would be great from the composition perspective, lots of angles, etc. Perhaps the problem is I'm not looking at the flowers enough, concentrating too much on the painting. With the 10 minute version there was no time to fuss!

Here's great quote on this problem: "Look three times, think twice, paint once." - Robert Genn


  1. It may have been difficult, but you ended up with a great final painting. It's one of the best Poinsettia paintings I've seen. We are almost finished with the challenge-Yay!

  2. This is really lovely but you know I think I prefer the quicker versions. And you're right - flowers are hard!! I can't work out why they are so difficult either. The only thing I've come up with is that the difference in values on the petals is incredibly subtle and it's easy to be a little heavy handed with the changes.