Thursday, January 8, 2015

Other Uses for ArtRage

I'm learning so much using ArtRage! I'd like to show you some other ways I've found it to be useful. Below is the original painting of "Icy Brook". I got some feedback that the ice patches in the brook were reading as shadows and were confusing. So I took a photo of the painting and loaded it into ArtRage. The second image is the painting after I edited it in ArtRage. No longer confusing, right? Then I used the information gained in ArtRage to fix the oil painting.

Original "Icy Brook"

"Icy Brook" after IPad editing

Final "Icy Brook" oil painting (with different white balance) Only the pond was repainted.

Another example is shown below, where I was working on a woodcut. At this stage I had transferred the drawing to the block, and lightly added the values to show me where to cut for each layer, but not done any cutting. I wanted to look at some different color combinations. So I took a photo of the block, loaded it into ArtRage and painted over areas in each of the planned layers to get an idea if the combinations were going to work. The final printed woodcut is here.

Image of "Irish Piper" woodblock with over painting in ArtRage

Below is the first painting I did in ArtRage, done almost 2 years ago, over a photo of one of my previous oil paintings of the pond, which was painted en plein air in summer. The result was pure beginner's luck, with more luck added because I was experimenting, with no expectation that a sale-able painting would be the result. I think that's one of the points of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge I'm participating in, to encourage artists to experiment, try new mediums, techniques, and subjects, and just see where it takes them and what they can learn. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

Winter Pond

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