Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Many Meanings of Spring

Painting out of doors

8"x10" oil on canvas panel

Spring brings so may things, the gardeners begin outdoor cleanup, spring cleaning commences inside, lawnmowers replace snowblowers, and those of us who love to paint en plein air head outside. I'm lucky this spring to be able to do that on the New England coast all the way from Westport on the southern shore of Massachusetts to Rockport on Penobscot Bay, where I'll be tomorrow painting with Carol L. Douglas. And yes, we will be in a boatyard,  just as I've been today helping to get our boat, the Fair Tide, ready for launch. I love hanging around in boatyards, there's lots to see, and usually lively conversation. And everyone is working. I wish my house was a clean as the sparkling wheelhouse of the lobster boat that is parked in front of ours!

The white shrink wrap that covered one sids of Fair Tide a few hours ago,
ready for me to roll up and put in the dumpster for recycling.

Jack stands holding up a sailboat while stored at the boatyard.

But back to the top. Goose is a lovely lobster boat that lives in Westport Harbor, manned by Captain Mike and his little dog, Goose. I'm not sure who is named after whom. There used to be another goose in Westport Harbor, who was a friend of the local swan. But this year the swan arrived with a lady swan, and that particular goose is no longer welcome.

All the best to you and whatever spring brings your way.

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