Saturday, August 28, 2010

Carol Marine Workshop Day 3 Exercise 1

apple image is 3"x3"

The final exercise in Carol's class in South Freeport was one that I find difficult, but we really enjoyed last year. The idea is to mix a different color for each brush stroke, and to remind myself to do this, I tried to mark them on a corner of the panel on which I was painting (it took me about ten strokes to get the hang of that). When I compare this one with my March 2009 version, I feel like I've really made progress.


  1. Oh wow! I looked back at your other apple and you really have improved! Great job! I am taking a workshop this December from Carol and am excited to see what you have done there. Gives me a little 'heads up' on what I have to look forward to! And I love that you did the little brush stroke color marks below. That really does help me "see" what the process is! Thanks!

  2. I love this exercise - fantastic - ! Thanks for sharing -this apple looks really good

  3. Thanks for the explanation and for showing your previous apple, you have improved big time!
    Beautiful boat too!

  4. Nice job Bobbi!
    This exercise does take a lot of discipline, I really believe you!!

  5. Denise, I now you will love Carol's workshop, she is such a great teacher!

    Thanks, Lisa and Erik, you should try it too.

    Hey Janett, remember when we did this in Jacksonville in 2009? That was such a good workshop, and I love that we still hang out online.