Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reduction Woodcut Printing with Don Gorvett - Day 1

Drawing with three values

Wood block, with channel and registration pins on the left

I'm fortunate this week to be studying print making with Don Gorvett. What Don does is called reduction woodcut printing, because the image is cut into a wood block, and more of the wood is cut away as each layer of ink is applied to the prints. The result is as dramatic as it is beautiful.

The top image is a drawing in three values that I made before heading to Don's studio this afternoon. I painted this scene earlier this year, and still love it. It seemed like it would make a good woodcut print. Don showed me how to transfer the drawing to the block he prepared for me, and how to put in the registration pins (sticking through the gray tabs at the left end). Tomorrow we are going to print the first color, I'm still thinking about whether there will be 3 plus white or just three colors. It's really fun!

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