Thursday, December 12, 2013

Woodcut Progress

A print after the blue layer, which is green due to the yellow layer underneath. A little white shows on the boat cabin, from cuts prior to printing the yellow layer.

The block after an initial print of the blue layer, with additional cutting (the light areas).

Today was day 3 of working on my woodcut project with Don Gorvett. On the first day, I transferred my drawing to the board. On day two, I made just a few cuts that would show the white of the paper, and printed the yellow layer. I'm not showing a photo of that, it's really pretty hard to see anything but yellow! Today I did a lot of cutting, to expose everything that would be left yellow. The top photo shows one of today's prints. The blue came out pretty green, due to the yellow layer showing through. I was able to vary that from print to print, some are more blue. The bottom photo is the block after an initial print, just to get an idea, and then some additional cutting. The print above was done with the block in this condition. One more day and it will be done, a reduction woodcut series of eight prints.

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  1. This is one of my favorite paintings of yours. Is the woodcut finished yet?