Thursday, December 19, 2013

"The Irish Piper"

"The Irish Piper" 
reduction woodcut on paper

I'm excited to finally show my finished woodcut from last week. See number 4 of the series of 8 above. It's a three color reduction woodcut, with a small amount of the white of paper used as well, of the Irish Piper. She's a fishing boat that lives near our cottage in Maine.

It was such a great experience working with Don Gorvett. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would love to do more woodcuts. I was disappointed on Friday when I realized I had forgotten to take a photo of the final prints! It was great to go back today and bring home the finished product.

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  1. Hi Bobbi, This is absolutely gorgeous! Ryan and I love it and already have envisioned it in multiple spots in our home and offices :-)