Sunday, June 1, 2014

New Website II - Comparison of Artspan and FASO

Home page

Paintings Page

Large view of an individual painting

About page

Events page

To reiterate, I've built my new website on both Fine Art Studio Online (FASO) and Artspan to do a comparison.

Both have all the features that are most important to me:
- A platform purpose built for displaying and selling artwork
- A large version of each artwork image, as well as thumbnails
- A built-in newsletter signup and sending platform, with images in the emailed newsletter that include links back to the website
- All of the tabs I could possibly need
- Ease of set up - with the content in hand, it was straightforward to build a draft for either in a couple of hours
- Ease of adding new artwork - YES!
- A free trial period

In this post I'm showing the FASO site, see my previous post for the Artspan version.

I like these things about my FASO site:
- Fabulous customer support - I work with software companies a lot, and this is support beyond what I've ever seen, even answering support questions on Sunday!
- Well laid out templates, and a willingness to change them for an individual site
- Most pages can include images
- Very professional looking email newsletter

Do take a look at my FASO site, where you can see all of each page and poke around. And here's FASO's pricing page, so you can see what their various plans cost. If you're looking to upgrade your website, I think you can build a fine one on either of these platforms.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on which one I should choose. And I'm happy to answer your questions about building the two sites, just comment or send me an email. Thanks for your help!


  1. Hi Bobbi,
    Have you checked out Squarespace(dot)com? I've used them for years...their navigation takes some getting used to, but very nice templates and incredible tech support. ��

  2. I defintely like the look of the FASO site over the Artspan site. It is a little slicker but still with a clean interface. It also looks like it's more expensive too which figures.

  3. Hi Bobbi-
    Thanks for posting the comparison of the sites! Here are a couple of things I noticed: both are easy to read and look nice and clean. FASO loads faster than AS. When I went to their cost pages, FASO came right up, but AS took me to a msg that said the site was suspicious. One of the things I haven't liked on other artist's FASO sites are the tiny thumbnails, but yours are fine and easy to see. I hope this helps!
    See you in the field!