Monday, May 18, 2009

Colin Page Workshop I and "Barn Values"

I spent the weekend at an excellent workshop taught by Colin Page and run by River Arts in Damariscotta, ME. I thought it was so good that I am going to spend a few posts on it. This was a plein air class, but the weather was not very cooperative, with no sunshine and cold temperatures. We did the first day outside and the second in the River Arts building, which is a charming antique building and very comfortable. There were four assignments during the two days and Colin did wonderful demos for each one. He paints very quickly and with assurance, and even at this pace gave a clear description of his method. The first assignment was to paint a value sketch of the barn across the road from the Great Salt Bay Farm in Damariscotta (I will definitely be going back there!). Colin gave us toned canvas panels, and helped us to focus on the values in relation to each other. My effort is above (6"x8" oil).

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