Thursday, May 21, 2009

Colin Page Workshop III and "Backlit Oranges"

On our second day we painted inside to avoid the rain. Colin had set up several marvelous still lifes, take a look at his site to see the kind of thing he goes in for; rich fabrics, lots of fruit, flowers, dishes, plates. It was tempting to go for a full view, but I wanted to paint something I could complete during the session to get his advice on the whole process. Colin's demo was of a backlit wine bottle and some apples, which were almost black from his viewpoint. I went for that same kind of view, but of a plate and some oranges he had arranged nearby. The idea was to look very closely at the values and colors, and "paint what you see", not the color you think oranges, or plates, are supposed to be. At one point, I lost the blue in the forground shadows and tablecloth into a muddy mess and had to wipe that part off and try again. It was worth it (8"x6" oil).

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  1. wiping is good. Nice job with this one, Bobbi. I'll be blogging my workshop.