Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Abstract 2" - SOLD

I'm enjoying the abstracts very much. This is yesterday's effort. I was thinking about spring, and how lush and green everything is, especially with all the rain we have been having, and about the wonderful peony garden at Maine Audubon Gilsland Farm which I have visited three times in the past two weeks. I let myself doodle on the page with a few lines, and then chose those I liked best to highlight with marker. I had chosen a palette (more about my palette experiments in another post, but there is method to the madness) and I began with the pink, thinking about how to balance the image. The other colors followed, sometimes following the lines, sometimes not. A couple of places got wiped off, I think there was another dark blue area at one point, but I don't remember where it was. I just kept at it until I liked it. I worried about the bluebird a bit, but it is about spring after all, so the bird got to stay (Abstract 2 5"X5" gouache). This painting is available for sale online at my zatista store.


  1. This one looks feminine and somehow French to me.

  2. Today's painting has a lot of energy and movement. I love the colors! It's a great antidote to all the dreary rain.