Sunday, June 28, 2009

Demo Practice

This morning I practiced the demo that I am going to do on Friday at The Gallery at Boothbay Harbor. The top photo is a rough in, or first pass of color, for the practice painting. The subject is the field in Castine which I painted in April. It took about 40 minutes including a bit of talking. My husband was happy to interrupt with questions he thought would be typical (only if Homer Simpson comes to the opening!). The bottom photo is the finished painting, after another 30 or so minutes of adjustment. There was a big temptation to keep at it, but I think this is where I would stop for a demo, while it is still fresh. It would be easy to overwork it. I made some notes about points to being up, so I feel like I'm ready. The best advice on how to prepare for a demo came from Carol Marine. She told me that the key is to accept the demo painting won't be your best, and it will go fine. That sounds like good advice.


  1. Looks good Bobbi. Looks and sounds like you're ready!

    Good luck, remember to breathe!

  2. Nice, job, Bobbi! Looks great--I'm sure you'll give a great demo!

    Nice to see you yesterday & to meet your hubby--thanks for coming out in the rain!