Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pet Portraits with the Kids

One rainy day last week I spent some vacation time working with my niece and cousins on pet portraits, inspired by my friend Elizabeth Fraser's work. We were lucky to have three new puppies in the neighborhood, and got some good photos of them to use as reference material. These are the results of Jessica, Eli, and Rose's efforts (two of them are not quite finished, and will be completed at our next visit).

I haven't posted about this until today, because that was the first chance I got to finish my portrait, which is of our Airedale, Macintosh (above). He is looking with longing at one of his toys, placed on a beam above our heads by my son.

And here we are in a group photo. There was actually a larger group, because my mother-in-law, aunt, and cousin got so interested in the drawing part of our process, that they asked for sketchbooks too!


  1. Very very awesome! All the portraits are great, and you are (obviously) a good teacher. Everybody gets a gold star.

  2. You are clearly a fabulous mentor and artisan.

    These three, along with your mother-in-law, aunt & cousin, were obviously enchanted by your warm nature, grace and ability to inspire!!

    What a beautiful & substantially positive life experience you've provided; this is sure to be remembered by all!!

    Snoopy dances for everyone!

  3. Thanks Kay and Uncle Lawrence, for these comments. It was a blast for all concerned!

  4. I LOVE THESE! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN! Looks like you all had a blast & the outcome is fantastic! YEAH for critter love & painting!

    Love your Seal Harbor pieces too.

    HAPPY PAINTING, Bobbi! :-)

  5. Thanks, Elizabeth. If not for you, I would never have had the idea. I started by showing the kids some of your pet portraits. They were so impressed!